Algal classification


The classification follows the 2011 edition of The Freshwater Algal Flora of the British Isles and therefore recognises 15 phyla (see below). It differs in part from AlgaeBase, which to a large extent follows the consensus classification presented in Ruggiero et al. (2015).

Phylum in AlgaeVision Common name AlgaeBase classification
Cyanophyta Blue-green algae Phylum Cyanobacteria
Rhodophyta Red algae Phylum Rhodophyta
Euglenophyta Euglenoids Phylum Euglenophyta/Euglenozoa
Cryptophyta Cryptomonads Phylum Cryptophyta/Cryptista
Dinophyta Dinoflagellates Phylum Miozoa, class Dinophyceae
Raphidophyta Raphidophytes Phylum Ochrophyta, class Raphidophyceae
Haptophyta Haptophytes Phylum Haptophyta
Chrysophyta Golden or goldenbrown algae
Phylum Ochrophyta, class Chrysophyceae and class Synurophyceae
Xanthophyta Yellow-green algae Phylum Ochrophyta, class Xanthophyceae
Chlorophyta Green algae (includes stoneworts) Phylum Chlorophyta & phylum Charophyta
Eustigmatophyta Eustigmatophytes Phylum Ochrophyta, class Eustigmatophyceae
Phaeophyta Brown algae Phylum Ochrophyta, class Phaeophyceae
Prasinophyta 'Primitive' green algae Phylum Chlorophyta
Bacillariophyta (not included in AlgaeVision) Diatoms Phylum Ochrophyta, class Bacillariophyceae
Glaucophyta Glaucophytes Phylum Glaucophyta

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