The 2005 version of AlgaeVision was compiled by Peter V York and David M John (assisted by Leslie R Johnson). Mike Guiry, the founder and director of AlgaeBase, kindly provided links to pages in the AlgaeBase website - an important, world-wide, electronic source of information on algae and sea grasses.

Thanks go to the following for providing specimens, photographs or identifying material: Hilary Belcher and Erica MF Swale (mostly chlorophytes), the late AJ Brook (chlorophytes, mostly desmids), Jenny A Bryant and NF Stewart (charophytes), C Billard and J Fresnel (haptophytes), JD Dodge and Jane M Lewis (dinoflagellates), F Rindi (chlorophytes, Trentopohliales), PM Tsarenko (mostly chlorophytes), BA Whitton (Cyanobacteria), K Wołowski (euglenophytes), Janina Kwandrans and Morgan Viz (rhodophytes), DB Williamson (chlorophytes, desmids), the late D Balbi (mostly cyanophytes), Jeannie Beadle,  J Bell, Olena Bilous, PNG Bolton, S Bosanquet, SJ Brierley, A Butler, Rachel Carter, JT Davies, Jo Denyer, A Donaldson, S Donaldson, G Farr, Claudia Ferguson-Smyth, R Flower, Tina Flinn, P Furnborough,  P  Gainey, R Gartner, Emma Goodyer, J    Graham, Claudia Grewe, B Ferguson, JJ Gemmell, M Godfrey, R Govier, Q Groom, MD Guiry, Hampshire Chronicle, P Harding, Emma Harris, T Hatton-Ellis, Elizabeth Haworth, Nathalie Hueber, Beth Jacques, Jane Jamieson, Judith John, LR Johnson, T Jones, Ingrid Jüttner, MG Kelly, Susan M Knight, J Krokowski, Liz Kungu, Sarah Lambert, Melissa Lacan, Sarah Lambert, Pauline Lang, R Lansdown, the late  JWG Lund, Melinda Lyons, H Matcham, O Moore, J O’Reilly, A Pentecost, Rose Pride, Sarah Pritchard, F Rindi, OD Ryves, Susanne Schneider, CB Scholz, D Shimwell, Julie Smith, Hazel Sumner, D Stevens, Lisa Thomas, Laura Tunwell, PV York.

Special thanks go to Roy Merrit for providing us with fertile material of Vaucheria and David Williamson for confirming or identifying the desmids and advice on photographing specimens in more than one dimension.

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