Nomenclatural and taxonomic changes post-2011

Nomenclatural and taxonomic changes

Most of the nomenclatural changes listed below have taken place since publication of the 2nd edition of The Freshwater Algal Flora of the British Isles in 2011. Please check names against those in AlgaeBase since the most authoritative and up-to–date source of information on currently accepted names.  The names used in the 2016 version of AlgaeVision include those used in the 2011 edition of the Flora and the currently accepted  where there has been a subsequent change. If the currently accepted name is listed then the one given in the Flora volume follows the reference to the page/plate number. All these nomenclatural change are listed below.

Name changes will be regularly updated and information on recent nomenclatural has been published in the following articles have been published in The Phycologist and are available for downloading from the website of the British Phycological Society website (

John, D.M. & Whitton, B.A. 2017. Freshwater Algal Flora of the British Isles – Update 5. The Phycologist  92: 46

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Nomenclatural Changes (to January 2016) 

Acutodesmus dimorphus Turpin now a taxonomic synonym of Tetradesmus dimorphus (Turpin) M.J. Wynne

Anabaena circinalis Bornet et Flahault now Dolichospermum sigmoideus (Nygaard) P. Wacklin, L. Hoffmann et J. Komárek

Anabaena flosaquae Bornet et Flauhault now Dolichospermum flosaquae (Bornet et Flauhault) P. Wacklin, L. Hoffmann et J. Komárek  

Batrachospermum boryanum Sirodot now Sheathia boryana (Sirodot) Salomaki et Vis

Chaetophora incrassata Hazen now Chaetophora lobata Schrank

Chrysotila lamellosa P.L. Anand now Ruttnera lamellosa (P.L. Anand) R.A. Andersen, J.I. Kim, I. Tittley et H.S. Yoon

Cosmarium laeve var. distentum G.S. West now Cosmarium distentum (G.S. West) Coesel et Meesters

Dictysphaerium tetrachotomum Printz now Hindakia tetrachotoma  (Printz) C.Bock, Pröschold et Krienitz

Draparnaldia glomerata (Vaucher) C. Agardh now Draparnaldia mutabilis (Roth) Bory

Euglena agilis H.J. Carter now Euglena pisciformis G.A. Klebs

Euglena limnophilus Lemmermann now Phacus limnophila (Lemmermann) E.W. Linton et Karnkowska-Ishikawa
Euglena oxyuris
Schmarda now Lepocinclis oxyuris (Schmarda) Marin et Melkonian

Gloeocapsa magma (Brébisson) Kützing now Gloeocapsopsis magma (Brébisson) Komárek et Anagnostidis ex Komárek

Gloeothece linearis Nägeli now Gloeobacter violacea Rippka, J.B. Waterbury et Cohen-Bazire

Gonium sociale (Dujardin) Warming now Tetrabaena sociale H. Nozaki et M. Itoh

Gymnodinium inversum Nygaard now Wolosynskia pascheri (Suchlandt) von Stosch

Haematococcus droebakiensis Wollenweber now Balticola droebakiensis (Wollenweber) Droop

Hapalosiphon fontinalis Bornet now Hapalosiphon pumilis Kirchner ex Bornet et Flahault

Homoeothrix crustacea Borzí now Tapinothrix crustacea (Borzí) Bohonická et Johansen 

Lepocinclis ovum (Ehrenberg) Lemmermann now Lepocinclis globulus Perty

Lyngbya lagerheimii Gomont now Leptolyngbya lagerheimii (Gomont) Anagnostidis et Komárek

Netrium interruptum (Brébisson ex Ralfs) Lütkemüller now Planotaenium interruptum (Brébisson ex Ralfs) Petlovany et Palmar-Mordvintseva

Perdinium umbonatum F. Stein now Parvodinium umbonatum (F. Stein) Carty

Pediastrum biradiatum Meyen now Parapedium biradiatum (Meyen) E. Hegewald

Pediastrum boryanum (Turpin) Meneghini now Pseudopediastrum boryanum (Turpin) E. Hegewald

Pediastrum kawraiskyi Schmidle now Pseudopediastrum kawraiskyi (Schmidle) E. Hegwald

Pediatrum privum (Printz) E. Hegewald now Stauridium privum (Printz) E. Hegewald

Pediastrum simplex Meyen now Monactinus simplex (Meyen) Corda

Pediastrum tetras (Ehrenberg) Ralfs now Stauridium tetras (Ehrenberg) E. Hegewald

Penium spirostriolatum var. amplificatum M.Schmidt now Penium amplificatum (M. Schmid) Van Westem et Coesel

Peridinium apiculatum (G.S. West) Lindemann now Peridinium palatinum Lauterborn

Peridinium lomnickii var. wiezejskii (Woloszynska) Lindemann now Chimonodinium lomnickii var. wiezejskii (Woloszyska) Craveiro, Calado, Daugbjerg, Hansen et Moestrup

Peridinium umbonatum var. irregulare Lemmermann now Parvodinium umbonatum (F. Stein) Carty

Phacus alatus G.A.Klebs now Phacus pusillus Lemmermann

Phormidium autumnale Gomont now Microcoleus autumnalis (Gomont) Strunecky, Komarék et J.R. Johansen

Scenedesmus arcuatus Lemmermann var. platydiscus G.M. Smith now Comasiella arcuata (Lemmermann) E.Hegewald, M.Wolf, A.Keller, Friedl et Krienitz var.  platydisca (G.M. Smith) E. Hegewald et M. Wolf   

Spirogyra ‘’longata’’ now Spirogyra elongata (Vaucher) Dumortier

Spirogyra grevilleana (Hassall) Kützing now Spirogyra weberi var. grevilleana (Hassall) O.Kirchner

Staurastrum armigerum Brébisson now Staurastrum furcigerum Nordstedt 

Staurastrum grande Bulnheim now Staurodesmus grandis (Bulnheim) Teiling 

Staurastrum lunatum Ralfs now Staurastrum avicula var. lunatum (Ralfs) Coesel et Meesters 

Staurastrum planctonicum Teiling now Staurastrum pingue var.planctonicum  (Teiling) Coesel et Meesters 

Staurastrum productum West et G.S.West now Staurastrum manfieldtii var. productum (West et G.S. West) Coesel et Meesters 

Staurastrum subavicula (West) West et G.S.West now Staurastrum arcuatum var. subavicula (West) Coesel et Meesters 

Tetrastrum komarekii Hindák now Lemmermannia komarekii (Hindák) C.Boch et Krienitz

Tolypothrix distorta var. penicillata (C.Agardh) Lemmermann now Tolypothrix penicillata Thuret ex Bornet et Flahault

Vaucheria sessilis (Vaucher) De Candolle now  Vaucheria bursata (O.F.Müller) Agardh

Woloszynska tylota (H.Mapletoft, M.Montgomery, J.Waters et P.Wells) B.T.Bibby et J.D.Dodge now Gymnodinium tylotum H.Mapletoft, M. Montgomery, J. Waters et P. Wells

Xanthidium octocorne  Ralfs now Staurodesmus octocornis (Ralfs) Stastny, Skaloud et Neustopa


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